Spread spectrum was originally patented on August 11, 1942, by Hedy Kiesler Markey (Hedy Lamarr) and George Antheil and was originally designed to be a radio guidance system for torpedoes, or which it was never used. Lamarr was a famous actress and Antheil was a famous composer. The idea of spread spectrum was ahead of its time. It was not until 1957 that further development on spread spectrum occurred, and in 1962 frequency hopping spread spectrum was used for the first time between the U.S. ships at the blockade of Cuba during the Cuban Missile crisis. If you would like to learn more about the interesting history of spread spectrum, search the Internet for “Lamarr” and “Antheil.” There are many websites with articles about these two inventors and even copies of the original patent. Neither inventor ever made any money from their patent since it expired before the technology was ever developed.


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